Worldwide Auto - World wide Scam

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These guys are thiefs.Just google them, Farid Santiago Guanuna, Gary Guanuna, Angelica Guanuna and the father who is Edgar Guanuna.

They've all been in jail for crimes and they are low lifes, classless, unhonest people who think that just because they have money (which they earned from stealing and lying to people)they think they can get away with doing this stuff to people.They need to have their business shut down.

Bought a car that was allready sold to somebody else so they could keep a 1,000 deposit ,but from what I have read on the internet this thiefs are doing this 24/7

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This businiss call worldwide auto in uta. the sell use cars.

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to all your customers this company call worldwide auto, if you love problem do busniss with them if you dont like problem and you want to just get things done an keep going run when you see or hear that name it as been almost 5 months now they are to fix the title for a car i got from them my state will not change over that title in my name and the manager is given me the run around call her cant get is a family busniss the manager is one of the owner so there is nothing or no one can hepl you so you just have to let them do what ever they want to or they just will not help you.they have nothing call customer service. people dont make the mistake i made check with the better busniss bura you will see what other people is saying

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